Fantawatt is the name that encompasses my teaching activities with children. This is done primarily through thematic workshops of creative use of technology. The purpose of the courses is to teach children to have an active and critical relationship with technology, and not just be passive consumers.


The Fantasien Werkstatt, or just FantaWatt, is a nomadic laboratory workshop for children providing computers and multimedia equipment. In the workshop the children can play and learn through thematic discovery workshops. The name refers to the characteristics of creativity, manual activity, stimulation of imagination and wonder proposed in the workshop. The peculiarity of the FW idea lies in its practical and experimental approach, combining play and learning, art and science, in a magic lab where kids learn by doing things.


Children’s invention of beauty through media disposes them to seek beauty in the world outside of their own inventions, and to care for objects and others. By considering the aesthetic attitude that children have toward their work, we discover their high-level thinking and how it establishes a more careful relation to the world of objects and actions. If supported, this aesthetic disposition of caring and empathy will transfer to the other worlds in which they participate.