Elektron Mandala


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The circular geometries recall the symbolic designs of the mandalas, which are found across all cultures. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention, as a spiritual guidance tool, and as an aid to meditation. It may represent the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically: a microcosm of the universe. Moreover it pursues the aim of giving creative expression and form to something that still does not exist, something new and unique.

The specular symmetry determined by the axial position of the center point creates an image that focuses the attention of the viewer and leads him to ecstatically dive inside“pure” sensory observation. Perception is based on optic transformations: this perception is not created by a momentary retinal input, nor by the movements of isolated points. The entire event is perceived over time; a detailed and specific model of optic flow is made available in the illuminated environment of the projection space. What is seen depends on how the observer distributes his attention as well as on what mental exploration that he pursues.

Consistent with the shape of the circle is the choice of a pure form of sound produced by vibrational instruments. The sounds are an electronic processing of sounds produced exclusively with singing bowls. The sound of these instruments corresponds to a long polyharmonic vibrations that expand in circular motion. The bells can be used as sound meditation, and may also have a therapeutic value according to the principle of the resonance/consonance.

Many thanks to Joe Casagrande (soundcloud.com/tzeo) for the sound design and processing.

Elektron Mandala SetUp 01