Ran Ancor's marvellous photonics modulators and electromagnetic fluids

LOST in W A V E S – Electromagnetic field fluctuations

In this project, which takes the form of both a performance and an installation, the substance I work on is not matter but energy. In fact, a wave is a perturbation that propagates, carrying energy but not matter, light is an electromagnetic wave that has oscillating electrical charges as its… Read more →


  The Phototron is a modular analog visual synthesizer designed for real time performances. As the result of years of… Read more →

Elektron Mandala

The circular geometries recall the symbolic designs of the mandalas, which are found across all cultures. In various spiritual traditions,… Read more →

Watching You

  This work talks about us and our lives, considered as a data set, as generators of personally identifiable information,… Read more →

The Apophenia Trap

A site-specific installation and an audiovisual performance. An exploration of the so called Apophenial phenomena as a starting point to… Read more →

Q – Quantum ghosts

A/V Performance: human operated laser rays, crystals and synthetic diamonds, arduino, ableton live. This audiovisual set utilizes crystal filtered laser… Read more →

Cloud Nine

  Cloud Nine is a structure designed to generate a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and color.… Read more →