The Phototron is a modular analog visual synthesizer designed for real time performances. As the result of years of experimentation and research on photonic modulators, has been developed using hacked scientific technology as an artistic medium. The synthesizer creates a wide range of imagery through purely electromagnetic manual operated manipulations, without the help of algorithms.

Ran Ancor - oscillogrammiWith a Fluxus attitude in experimental art performances which emphasized the artistic process over the finished product, the Phototron is an instrument capable of producing exciting graphic images on a cathodic ray tube. It is similar in concept to a music synthesizer. It incorporates a number of separate functions wihich can be selected and combined by the user by means of a patch board on the face panel. The number of possible combinations is virtually infinite.

Ran Ancor - oscillogrammiA recent development of this research has led to the definition of a new technique called High Speed Light Painting Photography, with which we can crystallize particular moments of the phototronic flow, which continuously evolves at the speed of light, otherwise they would not be perceivable by our senses.

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