Animal Factory: ONE million views!!!

Animal facatory still 2

I posted a video of a show made a few years before. This is an excerpt of the whole show that lasted about one hour. To my surprise was a huge success for a not so easy movie: more than 500.000 views in six months! For this reason we are planning to re-produce the show: who is interested can contact me directly.

Update : adding youtube and vimeo over one and a half million view!!!

“The story of three clones in a future of abundance of organs for transplantation and labor at no cost. A metaphor of the present, a reflection on Butoh dance.”
Dance:Caterina Genta, Stefano Taiuti, Alessandro Pintus
Music: Joe Casagrande
Video: Ran Ancor
Lights: Gianni Staropoli
Concept and choreography: Stefano Taiuti

Animal Factory still