Ran Ancor, is an italian Berlin based media artist who is mainly dedicated to light research and video experimentation. He studied epistemology with a minor in computers, then started to work in between art and informatics. He has been trained in classical music and then devoted to the electronic music. During last years he did electronic audiovisual live-set, vjing, light installations, wearable performances and light design. Most significant elements in his video works are immateriality, movement and metamorphosis, visual fluxus, fusion with sound and space. In 2001 he founded eXtraLight Advanced Visuals, focusing on the light as substance through its expression in the form of light performances, visuals and installations. Among the others he has worked and exposed for Goethe Institut, Japan Foundation, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, MACRO, and with Bill Viola, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin. Among his passions there are sailing, practicing Aikido and Zen meditation, traces of which can easily be found in his works.