Q – Quantum ghosts

A/V Performance: human operated laser rays, crystals and synthetic diamonds, arduino, ableton live.
This audiovisual set utilizes crystal filtered laser light that emanates from modified laser projectors producing spectacular reflections that recall the aurora borealis.At the onset the body of light may assume the form of a neuron network or microbiologic visions transforming into supernatural flashes of lighting or deep space objects in an unpredictable crescendo of complexity.
Laser light is based on quantum theory rather than classical physics as its radiation comes from a stimulated emission process. The vision of such unusual phenomena carries us to ponder on the asyncronicity of subjective perceptions, social development and human knowledge.
Soothing and inspirational light bodies offer moments of reflection in a time when current events affect us and distract our attention, when socioeconomic pressures burn the brows of man more than the noon day sun.
During the entire performance a process known as population inversion occurs. This is when a system, such as a group of atoms, molecules or people, exists in state with more members in an excited state than in lower energy states. The concept is of fundamental importance in laser science and aims to be a metaphor for an increase in personal energy resulting in critical new social movements for positive change.