空 KU, the Void – an audiovisual concert project for photonics modulators, featuring Floating Spectrum’s computer vision and generative sound Transmediale&CTM Vorspiel

This performance is an immersive audiovisual experience, using hacked scientific technology as an artistic medium. The analog visuals derive from an oscilloscope, which generate light from electromagnetic fields deflecting electron beams. These warm and organic images are transformed via computer vision into real-time motion data, which drive the generative sound system. The audience is invited to immerse themselves in the… Read more →

Elektron Mandala

The circular geometries recall the symbolic designs of the mandalas, which are found across all cultures. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention, as a spiritual guidance tool, and as an aid to meditation. It may represent the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically: a microcosm of the universe. Moreover it pursues the aim of giving creative expression… Read more →

Even a white rose has a black shadow

Even a white rose has a black shadow Light sculpture This ongoing body of work explores the interactions between radiation and matter: whenever an electromagnetic radiation meets matter can occur different interaction phenomena. In particular, I found interesting the phenomena of optical diffusion and the light scattering, a wide class of phenomena in which waves or particles are deflected due… Read more →

Animal Factory: ONE million views!!!

I posted a video of a show made a few years before. This is an excerpt of the whole show that lasted about one hour. To my surprise was a huge success for a not so easy movie: more than 500.000 views in six months! For this reason we are planning to re-produce the show: who is interested can contact… Read more →

The Apophenia Trap

A site-specific installation and an audiovisual performance. An exploration of the so called Apophenial phenomena as a starting point to extend the reflection on the organization and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment around us. The human tendency to seek patterns and connections in random information or meaningless data, could be considered as an… Read more →

Extralight: Elements

This show focuses about the four natural elements. Four short pieces of dance presents our vision of water, air, fire and hearth: futuristic, abstract and bright. Every element is represented by a costume and a different character of dance. gaia (hearth): a couple of dancers moves away from an interlace of light, like primeval creatures hydor (water): a waterfall of liquid light,… Read more →