Elektron Mandala

The circular geometries recall the symbolic designs of the mandalas, which are found across all cultures. In various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention, as a spiritual guidance tool, and as an aid to meditation. It may represent the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically: a microcosm of the universe. Moreover it pursues the aim of giving creative expression… Read more →

Watching You

  This work talks about us and our lives, considered as a data set, as generators of personally identifiable information, as objects of cluster analysis and sources for metadata matching algorithms. The vast amounts of data we create as we go through our lives, represents our actions, interests, intentions, communications, locations, relationships and behaviors. It’s aggregated by third party trackers  looking… Read more →

The Apophenia Trap

A site-specific installation and an audiovisual performance. An exploration of the so called Apophenial phenomena as a starting point to extend the reflection on the organization and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment around us. The human tendency to seek patterns and connections in random information or meaningless data, could be considered as an… Read more →

The Creative Apocalypse – 21.12.2012

The Creative Apocalypse – 21-12-2012 @ Platoon Berlin / Cosmic Dust – video projection I have contributed in this big trans-media-happening to save the world with the Cosmic Dust Project. The end of a cycle that lasts 26,000 years requires a critical reflection on the organization of our society, our collective behavior, the use of energy’s resources. The continuous… Read more →

Cloud Nine

  Cloud Nine is a structure designed to generate a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and color. The facility uses a highly engineered hidden, where the technology disappears and gives way to the natural magic of the body and light. A central computer manages a multiprojection video system, spatialized audio and motion sensors, making the experience truly… Read more →